Greetings and Welcome to my blog, my fellow intrepid Web Surfers!
My name is James Cobalt and I’m a complete nerd who sits in front of a laptop all day trying his best to be busy and productive! This is where I spend my time trying my best to be a creative and functional human being! ❤

I like music, hair, fashion (because I’m clearly fashionable), Art, Japanese Culture, Retro Games, Unicorns, Creative writing, and a bit of craft every now and then.IMG_20160515_095337

I don’t watch TV much, but I do like 80s and 90s stuff like the original Transformers cartoons (1984), and the first Pokémon, which has gone pretty downhill. But Anime as a whole is still pretty prosperous so that’s all that matters.

So if you could spare a minute or two, my suggestion is to maybe sit back (not forward, you’ll hurt your back) get a cup of tea(although coffee is better) and listen to some music whilst reading one or two of my posts, or maybe read yourself one of my short stories* to the tea/coffee/non-specific beverage itself! take an optical visualization of the art gallery, and requests are welcome(and free, because I’m not good enough to charge) If you’re into things like Music, My little Pony, Transformers or just cartoons/anime in general.

I also have a little YouTube Channel,
You should totally go subscribe, I play games and Vlog, which is basically this site in video form now that I think about it.

*The short stories will be up if I bother to write them, I often get distracted by s