A quick riddle

She is quick, and breathtaking
Easy to miss, but that’s why you keep watching
Never constant, she flashes across the sky
Bathing us in light from up so high

What is she?

~Ellie Bishop


An Abandoned Prayer

The abandoned prayer lost in the shadows of silence,

Engulfed in the fire of a mind,

Few sacred words that none else shall hear,

Drowned in the sea of a conscience,

If these words should surface amongst the sand,

Washed by the waves of change,

Then treat them well and keep them safe,

Because you’ll never hear them again.

So about those old people, huh?

I think we need to interact with old people more. For one it might change their thoughts on us rotten kids, secondly they hold a whole world of knowledge that you just can’t find on the internet.

Old people are like a past generation Google but for experience rather than knowledge. You can learn so much from our older generation, whenever I can I’ll ask my grandad what life was like after the war when he was growing up, he might not remember all of it but it’s interesting to hear his stories.

I’d much rather hear war stories and memories of other people than play them in unrealistic recreations in games.* I don’t think we give enough thought to what life was like before our times when such monumental events took place before we were even thought of.

Personally I’d have LOVED to have been around for the big dirty punk movement of the 70’s and 80’s, but I can get a pretty close approximation of how it must have felt by talking to someone who lived through it from different perspectives. Your mom and dad would probably see these events much more differently to their parents.

Admittedly old people can be a little bit racist, homophobic and very questionable on certain similar issues, so don’t take everything they say as gospel if you’re one of the people whose grandad has an interesting opinion on “the Blacks” or “the gays”, I recommend talking about something else before he goes into another 3 hour rant about immigration.

*- yes Call of Duty, I’m looking at you.

Overall, I think our elders deserve a lot more credit and appreciation, but I’m just a big fan of stories, so that’s just me.

Hope you’re all having a great Saturday, 


My Problem with Fidget spinners.

I’m starting to get really sick of this trend now.

I have no personal problems with fidget spinners, but they’re essentially the same thing as Pokemon go. Where people who bullied me all though my school years for playing Pokemon all started getting into it when it became a trend. The same goes for fidget spinners. The same people who will look down on me for having autism, ADHD and anxiety are now suddenly into this new trend with no actual realisation or appreciation for their actual origins and use. These were originally for those with learning difficulties, I have no problem with people using them because well Ketamine is for horses and look how that plays out. The problem I have now is that if I use a fidget spinner, to most people I’m only using it for a trend and to try and be cool, not because I’m genuinely in need of something like this in order to pay attention or relieve anxiety.


This was mainly just a rant, I hope you’re all having good days.


Veda 27??

Sup YouTube, I’m in bed and i want to test this screen recording app.

I might start recording myself blogging on occasion so i can blog and vlog at the same time xdxdxd 

Let me know if you guys are okay with audio less videos ^-^ I’ll probs find a way to add music somehow idk.

Shoutouts to Ellie for messaging me xD 

As always stay cool, keep your colon cleansed and subscribe for mo shit my nozzles. Shoutouts to Jessica Peterson too apparently.

Vegans: revolutionists or the Jehovah’s witnesses of dietary choices?

My name is James Thomas and I am mildly vegan-intolerant. I have no problem with people not wanting to eat meat or animal based products, but it’s the effect on other people that bothers me. The word bother may be an understatement however, there’s only so much I can take before the blood in my head boils over my brain and makes my eyeballs explode with a beefy, cheese coated passion. In this article I shall discuss my main problems with veganism in an adrenaline fuelled smorgasbord of scientific facts and my own two pennies worth of opinions.


Fact: Vegans are mostly deficient in some vital vitamins.

Studies show that 92 percent of vegans are deficient in B12, an important vitamin which the body needs in order to form blood and make the brain function at its best. A B12 deficiency is not a good thing to have, my own mother suffers a B12 deficiency as her body does not produce it properly and has to have injections every couple of months. If she did not; the harsh reality would be that she would likely die. She also gets b12 from animal products; especially meat, red being the richest in b12, therefore she needs a non-vegan diet in order to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Another vitamin vegans can be deficient in rather easily is creatine, which forms energy reservoirs in cells; the consequences of that are obvious.
Picture a man in desperate need of a shower, his matted beard reaching his waist, “natural oils” dampening his bright green bandana enforcing his neglected dreadlocks from going in his salad. Lying on a leather-free leather sofa too tired to get up and reach for his kale (whatever that is), I’ll bet if he was less stubborn he’d take a light reflection on his dairy free life and be wishing for that creatine that he pushed out of his life like his high school ex-girlfriend.

Fact: Studies are poorly conducted and have no evidence.

There are currently extremely few (if any) studies which suggest that a fully vegan diet is beneficial to humans. Some studies can show a lower mortality rate and some benefits to a vegan diet, but these are not conducted properly. The studies that accredit vegans with such superhuman traits are based on merely observing the vegans and were conducted on the grounds of correlation; not causation. Another study I read in an online newspaper the other day stated that 1,000 people were tested for health benefits between vegetarian and meat-eaters, there was little to no difference between the two.

Widely based on hyperbolic anecdotes.

This is more of a personal experience than fact, but most of the “persuasive” arguments I found on the internet when I researched for this assessment were absolute boulder dash. If I had a penny for every time I saw the words pure and fresh I could probably buy a better laptop to write these assessments where the brightness is better than a service-station portable reading light. It’s absolutely insane! I cannot for the life of me begin to fathom why somebody would for a moment think they were being persuasive by telling us about their rabbit food.

I have a friend who is vegan; however I won’t hold it against them. We seem to get on pretty well most of the time. Problem is that she just can’t help but argue about anything she possibly can when it comes to veganism. Anything I share, from memes to music, if it involves so much as a mention of the dreaded v-word, her vegan senses start tingling and she is on like donkey kong. I always like to risk assess now when I post things involving my own opinion. Because apparently for liking meat and showing that, I am amongst the likes of Hitler and Genghis Khan.*

In these mentally draining arguments, she will always argue with morals and comparisons rather than actual facts and data.

“Try hunting the animal yourself, biting into its flesh with your own teeth, and you’ll most likely die from food poisoning.”

I can tell you now I had an absolute field day with my comeback for this. I had to set aside my entire night and miss 3 days of college trying to figure out where to actually begin.

As far as I remember, I told her that humans simply weren’t involved to be tolerant of salmonella like we were of other poisons like alcohol. Humans have cooked meat for centuries so that is what we have become used to. We could evolve to eat it raw but it would take a long time of retching and nasty smells before we came anywhere close.


*- Hitler was actually a vegan, for the record but he’s the worst person I could think of.


Fact: Vegan diets do not work for everyone.

I could spend ages now discsussing how some people need extra vitamins and minerals which can be found in animal products, but instead I shall refer back to my dear mother. If my mum didn’t get b12 from meat, and only got it in her injections, she would (in the nicest way possible) be useless. I’ve seen my mum when she’s low on B12, she gets lethargic, ill and weak, and this has been times when her injection wasn’t due for a couple of months. What is she to do then? If vegans did have their way and abolished meat, what could she possibly do until her injections were due without the supplement of meat?

It it wasn’t for meat she would most likely be extremely ill or worse. I find it incredibly selfish that these vegan extremist want to take meat away from everyone. Making a nice Segway over to my next point.

It’s just downright selfish;

Scenario: a primary school class of around 20 young children. The class is all having a lovely time making models out of clay. 3 of them don’t like Clay, they think it’s disgusting. So the class teacher has two options. Either nobody is allowed to use clay because 40% don’t enjoy it, or those 3 pupils in particular can instead do something they prefer. To me, these are the same thing; scaled down. Most people in the world like meat, and who can blame them? I could probably persuade the person marking this assessment merely by mentioning bacon sandwiches.  The people who don’t eat meat or animal products claim that there are many non-animal dishes available. Well that’s amazing! Why don’t we let them go treat themselves to a veggie burger then if they’re that nice, rather than trying to ruin food for us. Because if there’s one thing that mortifies me more than a world of vegans, it’s angry protesting meat-eaters who aren’t allowed to eat meat.

Meat is also big in history, I can tell you now and I am pretty confident in saying that I can ASSURE YOU that King Arthur wouldn’t have come back from battle and treated himself to a cabbage. Meat was a vital part of buffets and celebrations all throughout history. Speaking of which…


The first case of a heart attack was in 1912. Foods were being processed since 1890.

Go figure.

It’s just illogical to suggest that meat is the cause of these problems when humanity have been eating it for centuries without many problems. I can hear you asking, “That’s because humans didn’t have the technology and knowledge to differentiate between illnesses and their correlations hundreds of years ago”. And I would agree with you, but heart disease was identified and established in medieval times. I’m not history expert but I’m pretty certain that’s at least a few centuries before the 1890s. The problem isn’t animal foods, it’s processed foods. Even so, there is no evidence to suggest we should avoid processed foods 100%.

There are other ways.

I, ironic to this article am against animal cruelty, there are ethical ways to kill animals. I stand firmly against battery farms but at the same time I recognise that without them, meat would be extremely expensive, which is bad news for even us more endearing cheapskates.
Banning meat won’t stop animals being consumed, it’ll just stop them being farmed. So to me, it’s either bring in more ethical methods of farming, let people hunt themselves or just do nothing at all. Stopping the meat industry wont enshrine animals in an encompassing field of protection, it will just put millions upon millions out of their jobs and probably damage the economy considerably. Not I’d know anything about the economy at all, it’s just an evidence absent assumption.


I am fully open to having some actual proof shown to me, after all; to put it in the words of the wise Samuel L Jackson; “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence”. if somebody can prove to me that it is actually beneficial, who knows I may try it for a week. But I put my mental health over everything, so if I’m more miserable eating animal free foods, then I think I’ll go back to meat in a deep-fried heartbeat.

The take-home message here is generally for you to do what makes you happy, but without making others miserable, veganism might work for you, but if you act uncouth about it then it’s definitely not working for those around you. Just live and let live.

~James Thomas 16/03/2017

“Not that I condone fascism, or any ism for that matter, Isms in my opinion are bad. A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in himself.” – Ferris Bueller.


Happy Monday.

It’s that time of week again. The time where even the most ecstatically optimists wake up with a frown welling on where their unusually high brow would usually be on every other day of the week. 

Sunday would be the day of taking an evening bath and casually performing odd jobs in a cathartic preparation for the week ahead such as laundry. How unfortunate it is that all we have to do is sleep to then face the punishment of ensuring a hyper space jump into a land of late busses, sadness and comparatively rude checkout ladies with bad hair dye jobs.

I personally would be content with renaming Monday to remove the miserable connotations of such a monotonous day. Some may see actions like this as an overreaction but then I’ll always tell them the same thing; when stressed, octopi literally eat themselves. THAT is truly overreacting. Probably a justifiable decision however if Monday exists to be an abhorrence for our marine life as well.

To follow the tradition of Monday, it has in the last half an hour started dramatically hailing. The demonic prices of ice in the sky then made a terrible transmission from hail to snow and then followed by sleet. 

Bearing in mind I was in a suit today for work experience, my way of claiming some self worth and basic maintenance of pride. The universe has other ideas, it decides to punish me with this unholy level of vile precipitation.
I hope your Mondays are going better (and drier) than mine.


Ace Rimmer, what a guy.

I think most of us have an ace Rimmer in our lives, of course I’m referring to the hit TV series, Red Dwarf.

Ace Rimmer is a reccuring character played by Chris Barrie and is basically Arnold Rimmer from another universe. Unlike regular Rimmer, everybody loves Ace Rimmer, and after each conversation people usually utter the words”what a guy” upon his departure.

Its that guy who people talk to and just think, wow.

Today for instance my ace Rimmer is a bus driver I’ve had a couple of times. It sounds sad but he’s absolutely amazing. We’re talking chest length white hair, in his mid 50s and hes just nice to everyone who gets on the bus. Like, excessively nice, you always get a really sincere thank you when you give him the bus fare, which is shocking because most bus drivers are just bitter and rude to you.

Its polite people like this who give me hope in people.

Have a good day;


Life as it Stands 

I have like 3 assignments due in a couple of weeks, one being music production and the other two being useless piles of theoretical bullshit that I could just use in my head. I tried to bargain with my lecturer, I promised him I knew all of what we learned about but he didn’t relieve me of this unfortunate abhorrence.

As per usual people are still hard to figure out, especially those of the feminine gender. To eloquently quote William Shakespeare,  

“Bitches be trippin’ balls”


Now that was either William Shakespeare or Kanye West. Perhaps both. Besides; isn’t that what poetic license is all about? Open interpretation and paraphrase? I don’t know.

I’m currently struggling on an aggravatingly stressful level on Candy Crush. Its one of those things which starts off easy but gets extremely hard toward finishing and failing. There’s a sexual intercourse joke in there somewhere and I’m going to choose to avoid it.

I’m actually at the most musically productive stage I’ve ever been ever. I’ll be uploading some of my tasteless noise soon don’t even trip, dog.

I think the moral here is that music trumps people and candy crush.

Seeya soon!

~James Cobalt