An Abandoned Prayer

The abandoned prayer lost in the shadows of silence,

Engulfed in the fire of a mind,

Few sacred words that none else shall hear,

Drowned in the sea of a conscience,

If these words should surface amongst the sand,

Washed by the waves of change,

Then treat them well and keep them safe,

Because you’ll never hear them again.


Anniversary of my creation.

Today marks 18 years since I was finally rolled off the production line and shipped out to a loving family. I came with my software bugs and some hardware issues, but I’ve fought them head on and will continue to do so.

I might not be the most attractive model available, I might not have that much memory or processing speed, and even though I’m sometimes likely to crash and need a reboot, I know I can do anything if I put in the hard work and stop blogging at 1AM.

Even though I know they won’t see it I’d like every one who wished me a happy birthday that I’m truly grateful.

I hope you’re all having a good daytime cycle.



It’s okay to be not okay,

It’s okay to feel alone, 

It’s okay to miss her face,

When you’re a lifetime away from home.

It’s good to feel wanted,

Even better to feel welcome,

It’s normal to feel daunted,

When she’s with someone so handsome.

It’s great when you’re together,

It’s grey when you’re apart,

It’s great to spend our time forever,

Especially when we’re apart.

—* not sure if poetry is something I’m shy good at.

Music Creates

As musicians we have a duty to entertain, reach out and touch the people who hear us, to create a euphoric escape or make a house into a home.

We listen to notes carefully, mindfully picking notes with delicacy like sacred fruit from a musical tree.

But more often than not its the music that creates, not us. We are but messengers who convey the sounds that enter the canals that lead to your heart. Nothing more than the ones who write the words on paper for a letter you recieve.

But this is better than a letter, letters are plain and simple, you know what they mean and there’s nothing more to them, not music.

Music is open to interpretation, music can mean one thing to one person and another to the next.

Music creates escape, music creates goodness as well as evil. Music creates idols whom we worship with each listen, it creates a door which opens up into worlds we’d never dream of.

We might make the music, but the music makes you.

James Thomas

Musical Journal #1 Schwarzer Frietag

These are a new thing I’m doing mainly to help cope with my crippling anxiety and introverted personality, haha.
Basically I do a lot of songs in my spare time, just little tunes really, but I like putting them on the internet to  share my passion with a total 28 people on my Musical Channel, and the 218 on my main YouTube Channel.

This song is a lo-fi Bauhaus-inspired piano, bass and drum tune, I was watching one of my favourite YouTubers “It’s Black Friday” when I had this idea, so the name is Black Friday in German, the most Gothic language I could think of, haha.

These will get more serious and deeply emotional in time, and I don’t care if people hate me for it, this is how I want to cope with life, and it’s already working for me. I love you all,

Goodbye for now ❤

~ James

My Chemical Romance MCRX Theories Solved

American Alternative rock band My Chemical Romance have crushed all the possible theories about yesterdays suggestive and empty gesture of a video yesterday, for those who have not seen it, it is below.

Their most famous and recognisable song “Welcome to the Black Parade” is playing, with a date at the end, the fans also found that;

  1. The site was heavily modified and updated
  2. The post about breaking up had ‘dissapeared’
  3. The title of the site was altered to MCRX
  4. Their last song being titled “Fake your Death”

Most fans found more, but yet didn’t make the list.

Now those are the facts, now for the hard letdown and my personal opinion to follow.


I feel personally betrayed by my Favourite band, as they are well-aware that practically every fan on Earth  wants a reunion, they knew people would think that, they did it that way to attract attention. Most people are reacting negatively to this as well.

I can see myself losing faith in the band as people very easily now, because they KNOW what people would think, why would they purposely get everyone’s hopes up for a reunion and then make it all come crashing down, it’s not right.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy there is going to be ‘something’ made, but why can’t they say that without getting the 200,000 likers and 180,000 retweeters as excited as they did knowing people would get massively enthusiastic for a reunion, for them to just make them feel betrayed. Especially a band with such an emotional connection by fans to the deep lyrics, this band has saved lives, from even the worst of times for thousands of teenagers, and now some are even seen questioning their own lives worth because of this. I’ve already seen people wanting to physically hurt themselves, not from weakness, it’s because this band has a reputation amongst the ’emo-subculture’ for stopping people committing suicide. Fans got extremely upset when they broke up, and for some the feeling of this is much much worse.

I know there was no evidence of a tour, or reunion, but I think they knew this video would definitely suggest a variety of similar things, it’s not something you do by accident and then say “oh we didn’t mean to make it look like that”. Don’t get me wrong, I love their music, it inspires me in my own and is an emotional release, but I think I’ve lost some respect for the members for doing this.

I apologise for the rant, but it’s a creative release.

Stay Strong,
~James Cobalt

Anderson Cooper & Pam Bondi

Before I begin this article I’d like to make t known that I am a full supporter for the LGBTQ+ community, and my thoughts go out to the families grieving for loved ones involved in the Florida shootings.

SO first off, I think this is absolutely appalling behaviour on Anderson Coopers part, while families are grieving for their loved ones, he thinks it’s the time to question people about the past, instead of actually getting things done.

This is the time for pulling together as a community, because that’s all that LGBTQ+ has ever been about. Being a community, and yet he insists on starting arguments with people, what benefit is to be had from having a petty argument with a politician.

But lemme know what you think, I just really don’t think it’s the right time for things like this right now.

Have a great day!

International Womens Day

So today (08/03/16) is International Womens day!
I just thought all of you, even men, would be pleased to know the following;

  • You’re all Beautiful,
  • You all have someone in your life who would die for you,
  • in somebodies eyes, each and every one of you are ALL perfect,
  • You should NEVER, EVER change who you are for ANYONE but yourself!

All of these are true, for men, women, and all the spectrum in between, you all have the potential to be amazing human beings, it’s never too late for any of you ❤

Have a lovely Tuesday ❤

Why Music?

Why music?
Because it’s the one thing that all of us as human beings can feel in some way shape or form, it brings us together, it helps us meet new people and express ourselves to help us find who we really are.
I can honestly say without music my life would have probably ended a long time ag oit it weren’t for the bands I listen to and the music I made. Much of the music I make doesn’t go online because I make it for therapy and stress relief, to lighten a bad day or just to keep a good mood going.

If I’ve fallen out with a friend, go make some music.


Never let them silence you

On the way to school? Listen to an album on my phone.
Want to get an annoying chore like washing the car done in what feels like less time?
Ear phones in, world noise out.

Music is constantly evolving and changing, and I can honestly say there are so many genres and subgenres, it gets pretty mindbending. New Genres come out all the time, and some are pretty weird, and that is a good thing, to never stick to the mainstream and be YOU, because if they don’t like you, then others will, the world was made to be lived upon, and enjoyed. Weird is just a stupid persons way of critisizing what they don’t understand about you, and you don’t need to explain it to them, be YOU, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Each and every one of you are special, and the music you listen to often says more than your mouth ever can.

So that is why.

Stay Strong,
Stay Awesome,
and most importantly Stay YOU.

~James Cobalt