About Me



So this page is where I tell you a little bit about my beautifully monotonous thing of a life. ^-^

Let’s see, starting basic my full name is James Peter Thomas, I was born in Stafford, England, I have done nearly all of my life, and I have no problem with it currently, it’s a nice place all-in-all.

Gerard Way

I did this :3

I often spend my spare time doing creative things, like Origami, Drawing, and ANYTHING musical, be it Producing, composing, or reading about weird and wonderful instruments (I do that a lot), I try my best to never stop doing something creative, or else I feel dysfunctional and sad inside.

I also play* a few instruments as well! I can do Guitar as my primary instrument, Banjo, a little bit of Bass, Ukulele and a enough piano theory to know what’s what and how to play it, but not enough practise to be decent, but I mainly just throw the world of reality to one side, and do a little work with synthesizers and computer generated music, I’ve had experiences with recording artists in school for fun and practise, I’m writing a few songs currently and one day want to do what I love as a living.

*=when I say play, I don’t mean ‘well’.
Music Wise I like a wide range of Genre’s, and that’s going to take years to ramble about, so I’ll probably list them another time one somebody asks to be honest! xD

I don’t like watching TV much, but I do like the occasional Netflix drama, like Breaking Bad and anime, my favourite is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, which left so much of an unbearable mentale crevice in me, I caked my arms with sharpie drawn transmutation circles and began writing fan art as closure for when I finished the last episode because I was so emotionally attached to how emotional it was and how adorable Ed’s hair is
Attack on Titan is good too.

Wanna know something? ask me in the comments, I’ll post about it!



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