Month: February 2018

Sometimes on nights like tonight when I can’t sleep, I remember how much I miss being a kid.

I remember when I was younger and it’s frustrating how difficult things are in comparison to how they were when I was around 14. School was an absolute train wreck and I had so many problems but now I’d trade all my current problems to go back. I hate admitting it but they really were right when they told me I’d kiss my days in school.

I’m 18 now, and I guess you could say I’m happy. I just managed to get into college with the few qualifications my school provided me with and I’ve come a hell of a long way, I’ve been accepted to university unconditionally and my music is getting heard.

Things are good, but I’ll never stop missing being a child. Pretending to be anything I wanted with my friends made me feel carefree and gave me a sense of control over what I could do with my imagination. Now the only thing I pretend to be is happy, and not stressed out about college. I miss the experiences of being a kid, my first kiss, learning to play the guitar; everything seemed simple and every memory I have of then had the sun shining.

Why is it that the sun is always shining in happy memories when I know they weren’t on sunny days?

I guess things are improving though, my music gets more views, my YouTube is slowly growing, and my general happiness is improving slowly but surely.

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this information, I guess it just beats bothering my friends with depressing monologues.

Love you guys,

– James