Tales of a guitar DIY kit Chapter 1

So to cut lots of rambling and utterly useless bollocks short, college bought a DIY guitar kit and asked me to design a nice paint job, assemble and wire it.

I began with the larger strokes, taking chunks out of a peice of pine from my old bed.

the image above shows the graceful transition of a furniture piece to the neck of an instrument that many new melodies will be birthed from.

Moving on to the box itself, it had to be reinforced with blocks of wood seeing as it was only tacked together when it was made for the purpose of carrying chances of lung cancer.

The neck goes all the way though the body with the lid glued shut to make sure it was as strong as possible.

frets were then applied carefully to extremely precise measurements. PVA had to be used due to the weak nature of pine.

The nut is to be crafted out of walnut and the next step will be chrome hardware.

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Night guys,



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