Month: February 2017

Happy Monday.

It’s that time of week again. The time where even the most ecstatically optimists wake up with a frown welling on where their unusually high brow would usually be on every other day of the week. 

Sunday would be the day of taking an evening bath and casually performing odd jobs in a cathartic preparation for the week ahead such as laundry. How unfortunate it is that all we have to do is sleep to then face the punishment of ensuring a hyper space jump into a land of late busses, sadness and comparatively rude checkout ladies with bad hair dye jobs.

I personally would be content with renaming Monday to remove the miserable connotations of such a monotonous day. Some may see actions like this as an overreaction but then I’ll always tell them the same thing; when stressed, octopi literally eat themselves. THAT is truly overreacting. Probably a justifiable decision however if Monday exists to be an abhorrence for our marine life as well.

To follow the tradition of Monday, it has in the last half an hour started dramatically hailing. The demonic prices of ice in the sky then made a terrible transmission from hail to snow and then followed by sleet. 

Bearing in mind I was in a suit today for work experience, my way of claiming some self worth and basic maintenance of pride. The universe has other ideas, it decides to punish me with this unholy level of vile precipitation.
I hope your Mondays are going better (and drier) than mine.