Life as it Stands 

I have like 3 assignments due in a couple of weeks, one being music production and the other two being useless piles of theoretical bullshit that I could just use in my head. I tried to bargain with my lecturer, I promised him I knew all of what we learned about but he didn’t relieve me of this unfortunate abhorrence.

As per usual people are still hard to figure out, especially those of the feminine gender. To eloquently quote William Shakespeare,  

“Bitches be trippin’ balls”


Now that was either William Shakespeare or Kanye West. Perhaps both. Besides; isn’t that what poetic license is all about? Open interpretation and paraphrase? I don’t know.

I’m currently struggling on an aggravatingly stressful level on Candy Crush. Its one of those things which starts off easy but gets extremely hard toward finishing and failing. There’s a sexual intercourse joke in there somewhere and I’m going to choose to avoid it.

I’m actually at the most musically productive stage I’ve ever been ever. I’ll be uploading some of my tasteless noise soon don’t even trip, dog.

I think the moral here is that music trumps people and candy crush.

Seeya soon!

~James Cobalt


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