So today I continue my work experience teaching music technology at a school for students with special educational needs, and I thought I’d blog on the bus about the pros and con’s of formal attire.

Benefits of wearing a suit,

  • You become more approachable, especially by the older generation.
  • You just feel cool.
  • You get to wiggle your tie like in Laurel and Hardy.
  • Rolled up sleeves = lady magnet* 👌

However this does come with consequence; 

  • Insults such as “brief case wanker” from your peers,
  • People think you’re either in business, or (god for bid) a banker. *shudders*
  • You wear a novelty simpsons tie once and you’re already a dad, thanks for that Ben.
  • * = from people over 96

    So if you’re into old people, like feeling snazzy and disregard casual attire, ditch your denim and cottons for a suit.
    I joke, seriously that’s not a good idea you’ll regret it.

    – James Cobalt


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