Month: January 2017

Ace Rimmer, what a guy.

I think most of us have an ace Rimmer in our lives, of course I’m referring to the hit TV series, Red Dwarf.

Ace Rimmer is a reccuring character played by Chris Barrie and is basically Arnold Rimmer from another universe. Unlike regular Rimmer, everybody loves Ace Rimmer, and after each conversation people usually utter the words”what a guy” upon his departure.

Its that guy who people talk to and just think, wow.

Today for instance my ace Rimmer is a bus driver I’ve had a couple of times. It sounds sad but he’s absolutely amazing. We’re talking chest length white hair, in his mid 50s and hes just nice to everyone who gets on the bus. Like, excessively nice, you always get a really sincere thank you when you give him the bus fare, which is shocking because most bus drivers are just bitter and rude to you.

Its polite people like this who give me hope in people.

Have a good day;



Life as it Stands 

I have like 3 assignments due in a couple of weeks, one being music production and the other two being useless piles of theoretical bullshit that I could just use in my head. I tried to bargain with my lecturer, I promised him I knew all of what we learned about but he didn’t relieve me of this unfortunate abhorrence.

As per usual people are still hard to figure out, especially those of the feminine gender. To eloquently quote William Shakespeare,  

“Bitches be trippin’ balls”


Now that was either William Shakespeare or Kanye West. Perhaps both. Besides; isn’t that what poetic license is all about? Open interpretation and paraphrase? I don’t know.

I’m currently struggling on an aggravatingly stressful level on Candy Crush. Its one of those things which starts off easy but gets extremely hard toward finishing and failing. There’s a sexual intercourse joke in there somewhere and I’m going to choose to avoid it.

I’m actually at the most musically productive stage I’ve ever been ever. I’ll be uploading some of my tasteless noise soon don’t even trip, dog.

I think the moral here is that music trumps people and candy crush.

Seeya soon!

~James Cobalt


So today I continue my work experience teaching music technology at a school for students with special educational needs, and I thought I’d blog on the bus about the pros and con’s of formal attire.

Benefits of wearing a suit,

  • You become more approachable, especially by the older generation.
  • You just feel cool.
  • You get to wiggle your tie like in Laurel and Hardy.
  • Rolled up sleeves = lady magnet* 👌

However this does come with consequence; 

  • Insults such as “brief case wanker” from your peers,
  • People think you’re either in business, or (god for bid) a banker. *shudders*
  • You wear a novelty simpsons tie once and you’re already a dad, thanks for that Ben.
  • * = from people over 96

    So if you’re into old people, like feeling snazzy and disregard casual attire, ditch your denim and cottons for a suit.
    I joke, seriously that’s not a good idea you’ll regret it.

    – James Cobalt

    Music Creates

    As musicians we have a duty to entertain, reach out and touch the people who hear us, to create a euphoric escape or make a house into a home.

    We listen to notes carefully, mindfully picking notes with delicacy like sacred fruit from a musical tree.

    But more often than not its the music that creates, not us. We are but messengers who convey the sounds that enter the canals that lead to your heart. Nothing more than the ones who write the words on paper for a letter you recieve.

    But this is better than a letter, letters are plain and simple, you know what they mean and there’s nothing more to them, not music.

    Music is open to interpretation, music can mean one thing to one person and another to the next.

    Music creates escape, music creates goodness as well as evil. Music creates idols whom we worship with each listen, it creates a door which opens up into worlds we’d never dream of.

    We might make the music, but the music makes you.

    James Thomas