Month: July 2016

My Chemical Romance MCRX Theories Solved

American Alternative rock band My Chemical Romance have crushed all the possible theories about yesterdays suggestive and empty gesture of a video yesterday, for those who have not seen it, it is below.

Their most famous and recognisable song “Welcome to the Black Parade” is playing, with a date at the end, the fans also found that;

  1. The site was heavily modified and updated
  2. The post about breaking up had ‘dissapeared’
  3. The title of the site was altered to MCRX
  4. Their last song being titled “Fake your Death”

Most fans found more, but yet didn’t make the list.

Now those are the facts, now for the hard letdown and my personal opinion to follow.


I feel personally betrayed by my Favourite band, as they are well-aware that practically every fan on Earth  wants a reunion, they knew people would think that, they did it that way to attract attention. Most people are reacting negatively to this as well.

I can see myself losing faith in the band as people very easily now, because they KNOW what people would think, why would they purposely get everyone’s hopes up for a reunion and then make it all come crashing down, it’s not right.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy there is going to be ‘something’ made, but why can’t they say that without getting the 200,000 likers and 180,000 retweeters as excited as they did knowing people would get massively enthusiastic for a reunion, for them to just make them feel betrayed. Especially a band with such an emotional connection by fans to the deep lyrics, this band has saved lives, from even the worst of times for thousands of teenagers, and now some are even seen questioning their own lives worth because of this. I’ve already seen people wanting to physically hurt themselves, not from weakness, it’s because this band has a reputation amongst the ’emo-subculture’ for stopping people committing suicide. Fans got extremely upset when they broke up, and for some the feeling of this is much much worse.

I know there was no evidence of a tour, or reunion, but I think they knew this video would definitely suggest a variety of similar things, it’s not something you do by accident and then say “oh we didn’t mean to make it look like that”. Don’t get me wrong, I love their music, it inspires me in my own and is an emotional release, but I think I’ve lost some respect for the members for doing this.

I apologise for the rant, but it’s a creative release.

Stay Strong,
~James Cobalt