Ten Facts about me!

So someone in the comments Asked for 10 facts about me, just to give you an insight on how strange I really am, so here goes nothing :3 Thanks to Tayla P. for requesting this!

  1. I have a collection of cheap bootleg snapbacks, I used to have 3 but the third got lost, but so far I have a fake NY snap and a pink and black one which says Nerd on it, and I always buy one when I see shops selling them cheap, because the official companies are too mainstream for me.
  2. I like to knit, cross stitch and crochet, I know, laugh it up, it’s funny isn’t it, how a 16 year old likes to spend his time doing what your nan does on a Sunday afternoon, I love making beanies and I’m working on a doctor who scarf currently.
  3. I have an interest in playing Indian Raga music, Raga is like jazz being improvised, it’s different every time and it has to stick to one scale, I do this on an open backed banjo, because when detuned the strings have a nice dull buzz  to them.
  4. I grow mint, and breed it and re-plant it, so I can have a fully functioning mint farm, I plan on growing a lot of mint, I don’t know what I’ll do with it after, but I’l have it, and it smells good, might turn it into tea or whatever.
  5. I plan on printing and selling Tee Shirts as a small business, with Japanese Kanjis on like (cat) and (love), I plan on hand-painting these, so they’re all different!
  6. I collect suits and suit jackets from charity shops or thrift stores if you’re American. I have a rather nice Gray suit which cost me 25p in a clearance at the Salvation Army shop, I’m known to be good at finding bargains, I have a £300+ black leather trench coat somewhere which I paid all of £5 for second hand in mint condition.
  7. I like unicorns, rephrasing that, I love them, I collect stuffed unicorns, and the occasional cat here and there, no you can not see them, they wish to remain anonymous.
  8. SHOULD wear glasses, but I can’t because I don’t have any so.
  9. I collect flutes, recorders and whistles from places around the world, I have an Indian Bamboo flute (bansuri) a Chinese Dizi flute, and various other recorders and whistles, I can’t play them well, but the concept is a nice one.
  10. Lastly, I have a PacMan addiction, whenever I play I play for hours and the sound HAS TO be on maximum, I deleted it from my phone so I could stop becoming so attached in the end, but I still get a little worked up when I see the machine in an arcade…

So that’s it for this one! anything you wanna know? any questions? let me know in the comments below!

Have a fab day!


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