Month: June 2016

Anderson Cooper & Pam Bondi

Before I begin this article I’d like to make t known that I am a full supporter for the LGBTQ+ community, and my thoughts go out to the families grieving for loved ones involved in the Florida shootings.

SO first off, I think this is absolutely appalling behaviour on Anderson Coopers part, while families are grieving for their loved ones, he thinks it’s the time to question people about the past, instead of actually getting things done.

This is the time for pulling together as a community, because that’s all that LGBTQ+ has ever been about. Being a community, and yet he insists on starting arguments with people, what benefit is to be had from having a petty argument with a politician.

But lemme know what you think, I just really don’t think it’s the right time for things like this right now.

Have a great day!


A song for the EU Referendum

With the EU referendum coming up on the 23rd of June, the stakes seem to be getting higher, and the tension continues to rise, so it’s nice to know some people are able to take this lightly.

One of the school staff and his band wrote this, would you guys check it out for me?

And share around if possible,

Have a great day!

Kate McCann: Inspiration or a waste of time?

So recently Kate McCann has been in the news more, because of one of my favourite celebrities wives, Sharon Osbourne, branded the parents of Madeleine McCann “insane” for leaving their child home alone while they were out of the hotel, whilst abroad. In 2011 Kate McCann was listed alongside JK Rowling and others in a top 20 list of inspirational women, for not ever giving up on finding her Daughter, 8 years ago who went missing on a family holiday in Portugal through her own personal error.

A family friend said: “It’s very ­disappointing when someone with such a high profile makes this sort of ­ignorant, ill-informed comment.

Ill formed comment. Sharon, as per usual, was giving honest to god opinions, from a mothers point of view, she wouldn’t leave Kelly alone would she?*

*In all fairness, I wouldn’t leave Kelly Obsourne alone, have you SEEN HER HAIR? Like damn girl.

“Kate and Gerry have never forgiven themselves and this should not have been aired in a random way, as it ­apparently was.

“It’s based on ignorance of the true facts. While she’s entitled to her view she should keep it to herself.”

But – but,  the true facts WERE that mothers (or fathers, let’s not be sexist here) wouldn’t in the right mind leave a child on their own! It’s neglectful and immoral!
So people go missing every day right? Yes, they do, and in our own country they get found, or not, for the not-so-lucky parents.

Not Kate McCann.

To this day, over ELEVEN, MILLION POUNDS, has been spent towards finding this girl.

Eleven. Million. Pounds.

Eleven Million Pounds that could have helped our NHS NOT be on the brink of collapse.
Eleven Million Pounds that could have gone to children’s hospitals and could have literally saved THOUSANDS of lives in the place of this ONE.
Eleven Million Pounds that could have funded research into cancer treatment.

The list goes on.

And yet this £11,000,000 pounds has gone towards a mother who just can’t face the facts.

For those of you who didn’t know, Madeline was left in a hotel at 20:30 while her parents went to a restaurant and left their own children unattended in their hotel room 50 meters away.

“There is no legal age limit for leaving a child on their own, but it is an offence toleave a child alone if it places them at risk. Parents can be prosecuted if they leavea child unsupervised ‘in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health’ (Children and Young Person’s Act).”


That is the law on leaving a child on their own. clearly the risk here was that they were

  1. In a foreign country, where another language is spoken.
  2. Kate probably did not know Portugese
  3. They were a good 160 feet away from their kid’s hotel

If you do leave your child home alone, remember to do the following:

  1. leave a contact phone number and make sure you can answer it right away
  2. leave a separate contact list of people you trust, in case they can’t get hold of you
  3. talk to your child before you leave about how to stay safe, and tell them not to answer the door to strangers
  4. make sure dangerous objects like matches and knives are out of reach, as well as medicines and dangerous chemicals
  5. leave clear instructions on what to do in case of an emergency (like a fire)
  6. tell them what time you will be back, and don’t be late
  7. set some basic rules about what they can and can’t do while you are out
  8. teach them basic first aid

Madeline was too young to do ANY of these things, they ways Kate McCann acts, it seems to me that if Madeline had died in the hotel, (and not anywhere else) then she would have probably gone to the papers anyway suing the hotel, the manager and staff, because it just all clearly comes down to MONEY.

She’s clearly getting a cut of that 11M the government have spent, and from the papers.

Every now and then the family go to the papers and reveal a conspiratorial sighting of who might have her.  But that’s it, then it goes to the papers and they get more and more attention, it’s absolutely ludicrous.

If I left my metaphorical kids in a hotel and went swanning off for a meal, and anything happened to them, I’d be arrested and be held guilty of whatever happened to them! but apparently Kate McCann get’s praised as an influential woman for being a terrible parent, and a complete waste tax payers money!

Also, they were out, only FIFTY METERS AWAY, going for a meal, now I don’t know about you, but that seems fishy, (pun not intended).  Who takes over an hour and a half to have a meal? The longest I’ve been out was one hour, and that was a 10 minute drive there and back, so 40 minutes, and I was having Indian with the family for Christ’s sake, and that takes ages with all the weird little starter things, and at least 10 minutes of me trying to flirt with waitresses in Punjabi.

Quick story, with having autism I love stuffed animals, and I had this leopard as a kid, (being the animal-naming virtuoso that I am, I named him Leopard). I carried it everywhere until I was like 10, it kept me calm, and happy, and one day, I left him in the IT room at school at home time, went next door to the adjacent classroom, and he was gone upon my return, I was there a whole hour after school, and he didn’t turn up. After leaving the room for 2 seconds. Bearing in mind this was my release and what kept me happy and I was already having bereavement counselling after the death of my dad, I was absolutely destroyed, I cried for weeks, and it didn’t stop. This is how autistic minds can work, I was very very young mentally when I was younger, then I got mentally older faster, and now I look and act older too, don’t ask me how that works because I have no idea.
But the point is, I accepted it, it took a very long time, but it worked, and I now have a photo of him to remember what appeared to be one of my only childhood friends if you will, and he’s still in my heart as much as ever, for being my release from bullying and stress.

Needless to say, I think that this has been dragged out far too long, a couple years, maybe three, is enough. I think it’s time (nine years, a month and one day later) to face the facts, all these sightings, in different places, Madeleine isn’t coming back and that’s a hard truth, but it needs to be accepted.

But let me know what you think! comment below voicing your opinions and tell me what your take on the whole situation is! This is more serious for me, but hey nothing beats controversy at 10 o’clock at night.

Peace and love,


Ten Facts about me!

So someone in the comments Asked for 10 facts about me, just to give you an insight on how strange I really am, so here goes nothing :3 Thanks to Tayla P. for requesting this!

  1. I have a collection of cheap bootleg snapbacks, I used to have 3 but the third got lost, but so far I have a fake NY snap and a pink and black one which says Nerd on it, and I always buy one when I see shops selling them cheap, because the official companies are too mainstream for me.
  2. I like to knit, cross stitch and crochet, I know, laugh it up, it’s funny isn’t it, how a 16 year old likes to spend his time doing what your nan does on a Sunday afternoon, I love making beanies and I’m working on a doctor who scarf currently.
  3. I have an interest in playing Indian Raga music, Raga is like jazz being improvised, it’s different every time and it has to stick to one scale, I do this on an open backed banjo, because when detuned the strings have a nice dull buzz  to them.
  4. I grow mint, and breed it and re-plant it, so I can have a fully functioning mint farm, I plan on growing a lot of mint, I don’t know what I’ll do with it after, but I’l have it, and it smells good, might turn it into tea or whatever.
  5. I plan on printing and selling Tee Shirts as a small business, with Japanese Kanjis on like (cat) and (love), I plan on hand-painting these, so they’re all different!
  6. I collect suits and suit jackets from charity shops or thrift stores if you’re American. I have a rather nice Gray suit which cost me 25p in a clearance at the Salvation Army shop, I’m known to be good at finding bargains, I have a £300+ black leather trench coat somewhere which I paid all of £5 for second hand in mint condition.
  7. I like unicorns, rephrasing that, I love them, I collect stuffed unicorns, and the occasional cat here and there, no you can not see them, they wish to remain anonymous.
  8. SHOULD wear glasses, but I can’t because I don’t have any so.
  9. I collect flutes, recorders and whistles from places around the world, I have an Indian Bamboo flute (bansuri) a Chinese Dizi flute, and various other recorders and whistles, I can’t play them well, but the concept is a nice one.
  10. Lastly, I have a PacMan addiction, whenever I play I play for hours and the sound HAS TO be on maximum, I deleted it from my phone so I could stop becoming so attached in the end, but I still get a little worked up when I see the machine in an arcade…

So that’s it for this one! anything you wanna know? any questions? let me know in the comments below!

Have a fab day!

I’m home! (metaphorcically)

So as you know I’ve been gone a few weeks, this is due to the evil exam and Coursework pressure that us teens are subjected to at this already perilous time of our lives. So I thought I’d give you a little update on what I’ve been doing! in list format, because I love lists.

  1. I made synthetic dreadlocks, wore them for a day in town, and took them out. 13349190_1564160490553860_441143098_nfrom right to left, Lewis, Me, and Louis.
    These were a pretty fun fixture to have in my hair, but they were too uncomfortable to sleep in, so I had them in the night before and took them out the next evening to avoid further damage to my scalp being pulled in strange and exacerbating directions.
  2. I started a small mint farm
  3. Started an instagram for my artwork and origami
  4. started learning Japanese
  5. Trimmed my split ends
  6. and went to a wedding (will be posted about later)

So pretty ram packed, mainly due to my media writeups which I should be doing right now, but I don’t want to, so there’s not much I can do about that I’m afraid, Mr Woodhams, It’ll get done before the deadline, chill your beans, dude.

But I want you all to know I plan on blogging a lot more now, even though google tells me Blogging isn’t word, but neither is Google apparently, so I guess Spelling and Grammar aren’t really their priorities.

Have a super wonderful day! ❤