Month: March 2016


So it came to my attention over Twitter (@jmscblt) the other day that somebody has copied my blog, I have no idea WHY, because I’m not even that popular, but it still riles me.

That’s the address, what do I do?


Maria Sharapova Drug Abuse Scandal

Maria Sharapova is under increasing pressure to explain the how’s and why’s of her UN-NEEDED use the medication Meldonium, which is often prescribed for Heart Failure and Angina, but conveniently for Maria Sharapova it is also known to increase aerobic and physical ability.


It even LOOKS like a cheating drug, look at it’s beady eyes and it’s shifty figure, it looks like the kind of drug that would run off to Brazil with your wife to live in it’s lovely Summer house and go on bi-weekly camping holidays on its nice Rivera-branded Yacht and have lovely campfires on a beachside yurt while talking about British subjects like the weather.

Players were told five times in December that drug would be banned, and considering the drug is only supposed to be used for a TYPICAL PERIOD 4-6 weeks, surely if she was using it for legitimate purposes, she’d have finished by now, right?

Nope, she’s been using this for 10 years, and considering it’s so strong that it should be used for 3 MONTHS AT MAXIMUM, I can’t even begin to imagine how much effect this has had, and the potential DANGER she is under.mildronat-ampuly-svetlaya_1000x1000w

So if you see this dangerous character (pictured right) approach with caution, as this drug is highly dangerous and is a force to be reckoned with.

“I was walking to my local shop one day, and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a rather shifty character on the street corner, with his arm leaned upon a Volkswagen Passat, he spoke with a strong Russian accent and in broken English,

I should have known he was dangerous when I noticed he was a 4″ inch tall box of pills, wearing a hat which covered the most of his eyes.

Before I knew it I was in the back of a 3 door Volkswagen Passat with a really scary looking Asparin sitting in the seat next to me, thankfully I was saved, due to the fact that there was no water to down the pills, so I was safe, and got away unharmed.”

However, this criminal is still on the loose on the streets of Croydon, and if you see him, contact the local authorities promptly, and do not under any circumstances make contact with what appears to be a 27 year old male, pill box. Has a long black beard and is always the driver.

I guess we’ll see Maria Sharapova in court, or I guess not, considering she’s being suspended from Tennis.

Have a super wonderful day!


International Womens Day

So today (08/03/16) is International Womens day!
I just thought all of you, even men, would be pleased to know the following;

  • You’re all Beautiful,
  • You all have someone in your life who would die for you,
  • in somebodies eyes, each and every one of you are ALL perfect,
  • You should NEVER, EVER change who you are for ANYONE but yourself!

All of these are true, for men, women, and all the spectrum in between, you all have the potential to be amazing human beings, it’s never too late for any of you ❤

Have a lovely Tuesday ❤

New Song! Rolling Stones!

So this is my new cover song that I’ve been working on, it’s Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones!

I have the schools music software, at home now! so I worked on this all weekend, I hope you guys like it! I’ aware the end part is funny, but the whole point of the high voice was to make people smile a bit, that’s why I did the same as Mick Jagger did 🙂

Sympathy For the Devil

So today I’ve been in the studio all morning doing a little cover of the Rolling Stones Classic: Sympathy for the Devil, this has been a load of fun messing around with VST guitar sounds. For those of you unfamiliar with VST, it stands for Virtual Studio Technology, and in simple terms, it’s a computer generated instrument, which usually sounds terrible until you add some effects and make it sound nicer.

I’ll most likely give you all the link to this afterwards, and put it up here, because I feel as if it’s gone quite well!
I hope you’re all doing well on this beautiful sunny day, let me know what you’re all doing in the comments if you like! ❤


Why Music?

Why music?
Because it’s the one thing that all of us as human beings can feel in some way shape or form, it brings us together, it helps us meet new people and express ourselves to help us find who we really are.
I can honestly say without music my life would have probably ended a long time ag oit it weren’t for the bands I listen to and the music I made. Much of the music I make doesn’t go online because I make it for therapy and stress relief, to lighten a bad day or just to keep a good mood going.

If I’ve fallen out with a friend, go make some music.


Never let them silence you

On the way to school? Listen to an album on my phone.
Want to get an annoying chore like washing the car done in what feels like less time?
Ear phones in, world noise out.

Music is constantly evolving and changing, and I can honestly say there are so many genres and subgenres, it gets pretty mindbending. New Genres come out all the time, and some are pretty weird, and that is a good thing, to never stick to the mainstream and be YOU, because if they don’t like you, then others will, the world was made to be lived upon, and enjoyed. Weird is just a stupid persons way of critisizing what they don’t understand about you, and you don’t need to explain it to them, be YOU, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Each and every one of you are special, and the music you listen to often says more than your mouth ever can.

So that is why.

Stay Strong,
Stay Awesome,
and most importantly Stay YOU.

~James Cobalt

Hello World!

Hey guys, this is officially my first post here so I’ll just briefly explain who I am and why I feel the need to be here!
My name is James Cobalt, no that is not my real surname, but it’s my online name and if you want me to I’ll give the story in another post 🙂
I like to vlog about music and the other creative things I do in my life to keep myself busy, and LOVE talking to new people about the arts, and  ESPECIALLY music!

I feel the need to post because I enjoy putting my feelings into words and being creative about them so this is to help my stress levels and keep me feeling functional :3

Anyway I’m gonna cut this short because I don’t want to bore you to tears on my very first post, haha.

Have a lovely day!